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6 Best Travel Destinations For Families

Happy family having fun on summer vacation

Happy family having fun on summer vacation

Family vacations are the highlight of the year. Getting to spend quality time with your family and rediscovering each other can lead to lasting memories that you will talk about for the rest of your lives. Knowing the right destination that your entire family will love can sometimes be tricky, especially if your kids aren’t close in age. Fortunately, many different vacation options offer fun for the whole family, regardless of age. Whether you want to visit a theme park or explore the great outdoors, the perfect destination for your family does exist! Here is a list of five of the best spots to take your family that are guaranteed to excite and entertain each one of them.

Grand Canyon 

The Grand Canyon is a fantastic vacation destination that will amaze your family with the awesomeness of nature. Enjoy a live cowboy show before boarding the railroad for a beautiful journey to the top of the canyon. Once there, you can eat lunch at one of the delicious restaurants or hike along some trails. If you’re feeling adventurous, why not try a mule ride down the north rim, walk along the skywalk, or raft the Colorado River. No matter what activity you choose, the canyon is the perfect backdrop for your family vacation. 

Walt Disney World

Walt Disney World is the iconic destination for family vacations. With multiple parks to choose from, your entire family will find something they love. Whether taking in the wonder of Magic Kingdom or traveling around the world at Epcot, you will enjoy every second of your Disney vacation. Orlando also offers other parks, all within minutes of each other. If your family loves letting their imagination run wild, Walt Disney World is the vacation for you.

Yosemite, California

Yosemite is the perfect destination for the outdoor loving family. Enjoy hiking, fishing, and rafting down the Merced River. Take a bus ride up to Glacier Point and witness the breathtaking views of mountain ranges stretching for miles on end. Stay in Yosemite Valley at one of the luxurious hotels or rough it at one of the camping sites. Explore nature and see how many wild creatures you can find. Your outdoor loving family will treasure this exciting family vacation destination. 

Gatlinburg, Tennessee

Take in the gorgeous mountain views of Gatlinburg, Tennessee. Your family will have a ball taking the Ober Gatlingburg Aerial Tramway up the mountains into the theme park of the same name. You can also visit the award-winning Ripleys Aquarium, which will captivate every member of your family. Why not drive along the 8-mile road and discover one-of-a-kind artwork, including hand-blown glass and paintings. Whichever activity you choose, your family can’t go wrong discovering Gatlinburg. 

Hershey, Pennsylvania

If your family has a sweet tooth, Hershey, Pennsylvania, is the place for you. Take your family to Hershey Park, where they can ride rides, discover exotic animals at the zoo, or splash around at the waterpark. Afterward, you can all take in the wonder of the butterfly garden as you stand among the colorful creatures and smell the aromatic flowers. If you want the immersive experience, book a room at the Hershey Lodge, Hotel Hershey, or Hershey Camping Resort. Just be careful not to overeat too much chocolate along the way! 

Washington D.C

If your family enjoys learning about history, Washington D.C is the perfect destination to visit. Explore the Smithsonian and discover building after building of relics, as your kid’s history books come to life! Tour the Museum Of Natural History and travel through time to see dinosaurs and mummies. Educate your kids on the democratic process by touring the National Mall. Your family could spend days visiting all wonders that Washington D.C has to offer! 

Family vacations are special times when the family can come together and get to know each other again. Our lives are so busy it can be easy to forget how much you enjoy each other’s company. If you’re planning your next family vacation, why not consider the Grand Canyon, Walt Disney World, Yosemite National Forrest, Gatlinburg Tennesee, Washington D.C., or Hershey, Pennsylvania. Each destination offers a unique experience that will have your family talking about their memories for years to come!

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