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Fun Fall Activities Your Family Will Love

happy family roasting marshmallow over campfire

Fall is a magical time of year full of changing leaves and crisp weather. There’s no doubt that fall is my favorite season; I love everything pumpkin spice and the excitement of feeling that first cool breeze as it blows through the air. Taking advantage of the season is something our family enjoys, and every year, we try to get out and plan activities that everyone enjoys. So, if you enjoy all things fall and want to make the most of the season, why not try these fun fall activities the whole family will talk about for years to come. 

Go Camping

Camping is the perfect time for young minds to open to the beauty and wonder of nature. Being outside among the trees and wildlife is a great way to clear your heads and reconnect as a family. Pick a spot that is high and dry, and set up your tent under the stars. Don’t forget to bring plenty of marshmallows for smores as you gather around the fire and laugh and enjoy each other’s company. Camping is the perfect activity to help everyone unplug and get back to the basics. Your kids will love exploring the campsite and telling scary stories once the sun goes down. If you’re not one for roughing it, why not stay at a KOA where you can rent a cabin. You’ll still be away from your daily life but with more modern comforts. 

Go Apple Picking

Apple picking is a fun activity every member of your family will enjoy. There’s nothing like going out and picking your own food to foster an appreciation for farmers and the work that goes into making the dishes we all know and love. You can make a game out of it and see who can pick the most apples or find the biggest one. After you’ve finished, you can go home and make delicious fall treats with your bounty. You can try apple butter, apple pie, or apple crisp. Or, if you’re more of a purist, go ahead and eat them on their own. Theirs no better flavor than that from freshly picked fruit! 

Plant Flowers For Spring

Fall may seem like a strange time to begin gardening, but many varieties of plants do well when planted in the fall. Bulb flowers like tulips will survive the winter and bloom once spring comes back around. Your kids will get a kick out of seeing the work they did in the fall payoff months later. Gardening is a great stress reliever and can help your kids feel grounded and peaceful. Little hands love getting dirty, and they’ll enjoy being able to make a mess without feeling guilty.

Visit Scenic Destinations

There is no beauty quite like the changing of fall foliage. Take a drive through scenic destinations like the blue ridge parkway and enjoy nature’s artwork. Your family will love seeing the many bright colors and smelling the crisp fall air. You can even make a game out of it and see who can spot the most colors or the largest variety of trees. There’s nothing quite like immersing yourself in nature to appreciate its splendor.

Go On A Hike

Once the weather begins to cool down, it’s the perfect time to put on your hiking boots and get outside. Whether you hike through a mountain or a nearby trail, your whole family will enjoy being close to nature and discovering the sights and sounds it has to offer. See how many different leaves you can find or who can find the most unique branches. See how many varieties of wildlife you can point out if your little ones haven’t scared them off!  Hiking is the perfect way to combine exercise with fun! 

Fall is truly magical, and doing fun activities with your family will create memories they will cherish all their lives. Why not go camping or apple picking, plant flowers for spring, visit scenic destinations, or take a hike. You will love feeling the cool air and breathing in the freshness that only comes from this time of year. Whatever you choose to do, enjoy your family and the time you spend together; you’ll cherish these memories forever!

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