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Dealing with Heartburn during Pregnancy

Ache pills during pregnancy

Ache pills during pregnancy

Heartburn is an indication of gastroesophageal reflux disorder that happens in one-quarter to one-half of all pregnant women. It usually begins in the first or second trimester of pregnancy and continues throughout the rest of the gestation.

Heartburn during pregnancy is usually dull and irregular; it can be serious in some cases.

Complications of gastroesophageal reflux disorder such as esophageal bleeding, trouble swallowing, loss of weight are not common.

Although you might not have noticed heartburn before, the truth is that it is very common during pregnancy, especially after the second trimester. So if at this time you feel discomfort in your stomach, do not worry, it is very normal. Of course, if you have any questions, you should discuss them with your specialist or midwife to find out other types of abnormalities that may present.

You might experience heartburn during the third trimester of the pregnancy because the pressure of the uterus on the stomach is much more noticeable. So if you notice discomfort, burning, or heartburn, it is common in pregnant women. Make sure to read on to find out how to relieve heartburn during pregnancy.

Causes of heartburn during pregnancy

You must bear in mind that, during pregnancy, the hormonal changes that women undergo favor acidity in the stomach. In early pregnancy, the body produces a large amount of estrogen and progesterone. These relax the muscles of the body, including the gastrointestinal tract. What does this mean? Well, the food will go down more slowly and will make your digestion much heavier.

Likewise, it usually appears after meals or at bedtime. It is not a dangerous condition, but it is very annoying, whether you are pregnant or not. In addition, it is possible that, at first, you do not know what is happening to you, and you worry because you have not suffered from heartburn or heartburn before.

Heartburn and symptoms

The following symptoms can accompany heartburn:

Just make sure to check with your doctor if heartburn persists for several days in a row.

How to Relieve Heartburn During Pregnancy

If you have heartburn during pregnancy, here are some tricks and remedies to alleviate heartburn symptoms. Let’s get to know them so you can put them into practice:

When you notice heartburn, drink water in small amounts. This will dilute the heartburn in small amounts.

Fresh fruits and vegetables, such as bananas, will do wonders in alleviating all symptoms of heartburn.

Belly massage; the small massages will make you relax and, therefore, reduce the acidity. Heartburn can be caused by stress, so it’s best to relax.

Rest; not resting enough can cause heartburn to persist. So try to rest often, especially if your pregnancy is advanced.

Some simple home remedies for heartburn during pregnancy

First, there are several ways to avoid heartburn during pregnancy, and most of them are very simple to follow.

  1. Do not eat too greasy or heavy meals. It is much better to eat fresh and fat-free foods or sauces.
  2. Eat more times a day. Spread your meals throughout the day. Ideally, eat at least five to six times a day during pregnancy.
  3. Eat slowly. Eating very quickly is not recommended under any circumstances, since; in addition, it helps to gain weight. How to eat more slowly? Chewing more.
  4. Avoid tight clothing, since it can press the area of the abdomen.
  5. Do not lie down immediately after eating. Allow at least two hours between eating and sleeping.
  6. Sleep with your head elevated. Avoid sleeping flat, as this will prevent you from having reflux at night.
  7. Do not smoke. Tobacco, in addition to harming the baby, will make you suffer from heartburn even more.
  8. Avoid caffeinated drinks.
  9. Follow a high-fiber diet to avoid constipation, which is a cause of heartburn during pregnancy.
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