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    How To Avoid Burnout As A Single Mom


    Being a single parent can be exhausting; you have to be both mother and father to your kids while still providing for them financially. Having so many responsibilities can lead to a real case of mommy burnout. If you find yourself not wanting to do the things you once loved or unable to enjoy your kids the way you used to, chances are, you have it right now. Don’t let burnout steal your joy or your ability to connect with your kids. There’s no need to feel defeated. These tips will help you ditch the burnout and start enjoying a less-stressed life, today! 

    Create A Strong Support System

    We aren’t meant to do life alone, which is why being a single parent can be so tricky. It is vital to your mental health and your sanity to have a strong support system you can rely upon. Whether it’s family or friends, knowing you have someone you can turn to is invaluable. It doesn’t have to be a large group. Having one or two people you can reach out to will give you peace and security, knowing you’re not alone. Tell them when you’re struggling or when you need a break. There’s nothing wrong with asking for help; knowing you’re struggling and seeking the help you need is a sign of true strength. Let others be there for you to give you the love and support you deserve. You’re amazing and strong; let the ones who love you most walk with you as you navigate this crazy life! 

    Stick To A Routine

    Routines can be a godsend for both you and your kids. Knowing what to expect in the day can help you plan and keep you from feeling out of control. Although you can’t plan for everything that may come up, having a general schedule will help provide stability to your family. You can set routines for chores, meals, homework, or whatever your family needs. Kids thrive on predictability and knowing what tasks they have to do or when their sports practice starts can relieve anxiety. The same concept works for you. If you know what to expect each day, it clears up your mind to think about things that matter, like spending time with your kids. Try setting a routine and see how much more streamlined your life becomes. 

    Don’t Forget Discipline

    Disciplining your kids is never fun, and it generally hurts you more than it hurts them. However, you decide to disciple them, make sure you stick to it, even if it’s hard. Especially if you’re going through a divorce, your kids may act out and try to take advantage of the situation. Letting them know what is and isn’t acceptable will save you many headaches in the future. Kids genuinely want discipline, even though they don’t act like it. You’re showing them how much you love them by not accepting bad behavior that will cause them pain in the future. 

    Prioritize Self Care

    Your mental health is vital to your and your family’s well-being, so making time to relax is something you should prioritize. Try reading a book before bed or taking a bath. Maybe you buy yourself a candy bar and don’t even share it. Whatever your idea of self-care is, make sure you take time daily to love and care for yourself. You will feel revitalized and new, and you may notice the little things that bothered you before don’t affect you as much anymore. 

    Set A Bedtime

    Bedtimes aren’t just for kids. Having a set time to go to sleep can be a massive comfort on stressful days. Knowing when the day will come to a close and you can finally relax, will keep you from feeling like it will never end. A set bedtime corresponds with having a routine and can help you prioritize sleep, especially if you find your apt to stay up until all hours working or scrolling your phone. Being well-rested will help keep your body functioning to the best of its ability and help fight off sickness. 

    If you’re a single mom, you’re truly a superhero. Being everything to everyone can get overwhelming and may leave you feeling burnt out. Using simple tips like creating a solid support system, sticking to a routine, enforcing discipline, prioritizing self-care, and setting a bedtime can help you fight burnout and be the mom and woman you are meant to be. You can do this! You’re not alone; you are loved, and you are worthy!


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