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    The Best Thanksgiving Movies for your Kids


    Thanksgiving is the time of year when we thank God for all His blessings. It is important to thank God for each of the things that he has given us because that is precisely what makes us realize what things are really important in life. Gratitude makes us keep our feet on the ground and also allows us to connect with everything that is given to us and who gives it to us. Without gratitude, we end up thinking that everything we have is only thanks to our own effort, and that ends up making us arrogant and selfish.

    To make our children and the youngest of the family understand the true meaning of Thanksgiving, we can watch movies suitable for this time. In this way, they will have a fun and entertaining way to learn and understand all that this means, and also to thank God for what they have. If you are looking for a list of perfect Thanksgiving movies that you can watch with children and as a family, we are going to help you. In this article, we are going to give you a list of perfect movies for Thanksgiving.

    1. Garfield, Holiday celebrations

    This movie features three animated characters and their vacation adventures. Here, we will see the endearing Garfield and Odie trapped in a haunted house with ghost pirates. Garfield is a very famous character in comic strips, who has been with us since 1973, and in which the main characters are himself, his owner Jon and the dog Odie. Here we leave you the trailer to the link on YouTube.

    2. Alicia’s restaurant

    This Thanksgiving hit smashed the box office in 1969, and it’s still considered one of the best movies for this time of year. In it, Gutrie visits his friend Alice for Thanksgiving. After the party, he offers to help her throw out the trash, and that’s when she discovers a closed landfill. After thinking about it, he throws the garbage in the ditch, and the police discover him, declaring him invalid for military service.

    3. Thanksgiving with Charlie Brown

    This is another great movie to watch as you celebrate Thanksgiving. In fact, it went on to win an Emmy Award and is highly regarded by all viewers. Charlie Brown is a comic book character from the famous Peanut series, which has been made since 1973.

    4. Illusion is also lived

    Thanksgiving is one of the dates that mark the calendar and makes children get ready for the holidays. This movie has had different versions over time, but the best version of all is still the one from 1947. Actually, it can also be a perfect movie to watch at Christmas. Here is the trailer

    5. Winnie the Pooh

    We all love Winnie. He has encouraged and helped us in each of his appearances and Thanksgiving is a perfect occasion to see him. In this movie Winnie and her friends work on all the preparations for Thanksgiving dinner. The film ends with a moral of gratitude for which we should all be grateful for what we have. And it is that Winnie has that secret to reach our hearts on all occasions. Here’s the trailer:

    6. Better alone than in the bad company

    For all those children who enjoy a movie with engine noise and even better if it is accompanied by great laughter, this is the perfect movie. The main actors here are Steve Martin and John Candy, and it is a true masterpiece of entertainment. The concept of the film is to present two opposite characters but who end up becoming inseparable, each learning about the other.

    7. We are the best

    Disney movies are always perfect to enjoy with the family, and this one is no exception. In this film, Emilio Estévez plays a tough and ambitious lawyer who has to work helping a team of young ice hockey players. Take a look at the trailer.

    8. Mouse on the Mayflower

    This is a mythical Thanksgiving movie, released on television in 1968. It is the perfect movie if you want to explain to your children the true meaning of this holiday, and it presents a little mouse who witnesses the real story of Thanksgiving itself.

    9. Portrait of April

    Another perfect movie to watch on Thanksgiving, starring Katie Holmes in 2003. Here, the protagonist invites her family to her humble apartment to introduce them to her boyfriend on Thanksgiving, but her oven does not work, and this makes her look one that does in your neighborhood, giving you the opportunity to meet all the neighbors you didn’t know.

    10. Skyfall

    Skyfall is a movie about Daniel Craig playing James Bond. It is a fast-paced action movie that will keep everyone together in front of the television. Here, Bond’s true loyalty to M is proven, when the villain goes after her to torment her. Here’s the trailer for the movie.

    These are the best movies to watch for Thanksgiving this year. These movies offer large doses of entertainment and are perfect to watch as a family with children. If you fancy any of them in particular, you can work up an appetite by watching the trailers that we leave you, with which your children can see details of what Thanksgiving means.

    All these movies will delight the little ones. In addition, they will help you teach them those values ​​that make our culture what it is, and they will learn about our historical heritage. In addition, there is no greater fun than seeing how the little ones enjoy a movie while learning. Make your Thanksgiving day something more special with a cinematic moment and enjoy these movies with your whole family.

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