5 Best Organic Feminine Care Brands

Menstruation period accessories on blue background, top view

Periods are something almost every woman has to put up with, and finding the right tampon or pad can be a pain. If tampons don’t fit correctly, it can lead to leaks or painful cramping, and even with the right fit, you can still end up with embarrassing accidents. Tampons also carry the risk of toxic shock syndrome or TSS, which occurs when bacteria enter the bloodstream from prolonged exposure. Pads, although safer, can be uncomfortable and bunch or leak. 

Since pads and tampons are in intimate areas of our bodies, the chemicals in them can wreak havoc on our skin and end up inside us. No woman wants pesticides, bleach, and parabens coursing through their bloodstreams, but that happens when we use a tampon laced with chemicals. Switching to organic tampons and pads is essential for a woman’s long-term health; teenage girls especially should not subject their bodies to the harmful toxins found in tampons and pads. If you are looking for a safer and healthier option to chemically laced feminine care, here is a list of five of the best organic alternatives you can choose. 

Organyc Brand 

The Organyc brand offers a complete line of 100% organic feminine care. Their tampons use a plant-based applicator and deliver exceptional absorbency, and all their products are free of chlorine, latex, parabens, perfumes, SAP, plastics, and man-made materials. Two-thirds of all women have sensitive skin, which is why Organyc’s products don’t contain harsh chemicals. All their cotton is environmentally friendly, from planting to harvest, and their products are 100% recyclable. Available in light to super; sixteen per box for $5.20. 

Seventh Generation Brand 

The Seventh Generation brand is a trusted name for organic products. Their line of tampons and pads is 100% organic and free of fragrances, dyes, deodorants, rayon, and chlorine bleach. The tampons feature a comfortable applicator and come in a completely recyclable box. With every purchase, Seventh Generation donates to non-profit organizations benefiting women. Available in light to super plus; eighteen per box for $5.99.

Always L Brand 

The Always L brand features 100% organic tampons free from bleach, dyes, rayon, fragrances, and pesticides. The plastic applicator is BPA-free and offers easy insertion. The tampons are comfortable when in place and give you the long-lasting protection you need. Always L donates one period product to a woman or girl in need with every purchase, so you can feel good about the feminine care choices you make. Available in light to super; thirty per box for $6.97. 

NatraCare Brand 

The Natracar brand offers a complete line of 100% organic cotton pads and tampons. Their products are chlorine-free and contain no synthetic materials, rayon, chemical additives, binders, or surfactants. Perfect for teenagers and incredibly comfortable, the Natracare brand of pads and tampons is a great organic option for feminine care. Available in light to super plus; twenty per box for $5.79.

Top Organic Brand

The Top Organic brand of tampons offers 100% organic cotton tampons with a comfortable plant-based applicator. The applicator looks and feels like plastic but is made from sugarcane instead. All Top Organic tampons are free from chemicals, synthetics, fragrances, and dyes, and they are also hypoallergenic. Top Organic donates to women in need with every purchase. Available in light to super plus; sixteen per box for $6.99. 

Feminine care is a part of every woman’s life, and we should feel confident and free to speak openly about how it affects each one of us. Putting chemicals close to our skin the way ordinary feminine care products allow, put women at risk of sensitivity or worse. Choosing organic options like the ones listed above helps keep you safe and gives you the confidence you need, knowing you are kind to your body. 

You don’t have to give up leak protection to take care of your body. All of the options above provide superior protection against leaks, so you can worry about the things that truly matter. They are also comfortable to wear throughout the day, just like non-organic brands. It’s time to take care of yourself, so you can take care of the ones you love. Switch to organic pads and tampons and treat your body the way it deserves!