Minimalistic Moms – How To Declutter And Destress Your Life

Young smiling woman organizing clothes sitting on the bed at home

Have you found yourself feeling overwhelmed by the amount of “stuff” in your life? Do you come home and instantly feel your blood pressure rise instead of feeling a sense of peace and tranquility. Do your kids have a bunch of toys they never play with because they can’t see what they have? If you answered yes to any of these questions, there is a way to help reduce your stress and anxiety while bringing balance back into your life. Minimalism is a term that many people don’t understand. They hear it and think it means getting rid of everything they own and living with one outfit in a shack in the woods. While that may work for some, most moms can use minimalism to help clean out the clutter and bring back a sense of calm into their homes. You don’t have to throw everything away to reap the benefits of a more minimalistic lifestyle. If you’re interested in implementing some easy changes to help you feel lighter and more peaceful, use these minimalistic tips and discover your inner zen. 

Make A List

Before you begin clearing out the items cluttering your life, you need to make a list to identify them. It doesn’t have to contain only material things you want to clear out; it can also be habits. Knowing why you want to simplify your life can keep you on track and work as a north star once you begin the process. Take some time to sit down and evaluate your life and the things that happen every day. Think about what you can change and control and determine if it’s worth putting the time into or if you’d be better off working on another area. These items can include a messy kitchen or too many toys scattered throughout the house. Maybe you’ve begun micromanaging areas for your family that they are capable of doing themselves. Once you make a list, you can decide what you would like to work on first. 

Remove The Multiples

We’re all guilty of finding a great sale and stocking up on multiple items, even though we may not need them. There are times when doing this is ok, if it’s something your family will use quickly, but those multiple items often end up taking up a lot of space and not getting used. Go through your house with a box and put all the multiples into it. It doesn’t matter what they are; just put them in the box. Then put the box away and go about your daily life. If you’ve found a month or two goes by, and you haven’t reached for the items, it’s time to donate them. Doing this is a great way to show yourself what your family needs and uses and what you can avoid spending extra money buying. 

Establish A Clutter Free Area

Start with one area that you clean out and designate “clutter-free.” Use this as your test spot that will serve as inspiration for future decluttering. It can be as small as an end table; just make it somewhere you see every day. If you find this area makes you happy and lessens your stress, you will know you can move on to another space and declutter there. Starting small will help it feel less overwhelming and keep you encouraged to continue making small changes. Soon those small areas will become larger, and you’ll find the majority of your home is clutter-free and peaceful.

Declutter The Clothes

If you’re anything like me, clothes are an item I tend to “accidentally” hoard. When I’m at the store and see an outfit my kiddos would look adorable in, I end up buying it and adding to the massive amount they already own. By the time I remember it’s there, they’ve outgrown it. Pick a time where you can sit down and go through your and your kid’s closets and see all the clothes you have. Have them try on clothes they may have outgrown and get rid of anything with holes or tears. If you’re feeling brave, you can try the Project 333 method, which has you wear only thirty-three pieces of clothing for three months. Its goal is to prove that having less clothing can decrease stress, not add to it. 

Incrementing minimalism into your daily life can help you declutter and destress. Being a mom means juggling a million things at once, so taking the time to clear out unnecessary items that clutter your space and your mind is essential. Once you’re free from the excess, your mind and spirit can relax, and you and your family will feel more peaceful. One step at a time is all it takes, and remember, life is a marathon, not a sprint, so take it slowly, and you can accomplish your goals.