How To Teach Kids About Christmas

mother reading a book at Christmas

 Christmas is one of the most popular holidays worldwide that people in every nation gather together to celebrate. Whether they choose to celebrate the religious aspect of Christmas or focus on the secular traditions, Christmas is an adored and cherished holiday for many. Teaching kids about Christmas is an excellent way for them to understand the holiday and appreciate it as more than a time to receive gifts. Having respect for the religious side of Christmas, even if you don’t celebrate it, teaches kids tolerance and understanding, which are essential traits parents want to develop. No matter how your family celebrates the Christmas holiday, everyone can agree that it’s a wonderful time to share with family and friends as you gather together in love. If you want to know how to teach your kids about Christmas, just keep reading!

Origins Of Christmas

Before teaching your kids about Christmas, you must know its origins and how it developed into the holiday we celebrate today. Christmas is the English term for “mass on Christ’s day” and became popularly celebrated in the third century A.D. as a Christian holiday. Before this, people celebrated “Yule” from December 21st – January in Northern Europe. Today, we can still see traditions used for the Yule festival in things like the “Yule Log” and the Christmas tree. 

Many believe they chose the 25th day of December to celebrate the holiday for one of two commonly accepted reasons. The first reason was to Christianize the pagan festival, Dies Solis Invicti Nati, which the Roman Empire celebrated as the day of the birth of the unconquered sun. The second reason is it is nine months after the believed conception day of Jesus, which the Catholic Church considers to be March 25th, thereby marking the birth of Jesus. 

Whatever the reason for the date, Christmas is one of the most popular religious holidays, where Christians celebrate the birth of Jesus. Apart from Easter, Christmas is the most important holiday in the Christian religion and is sacred to millions of people worldwide. However, Christmas is also a secular holiday, where people give gifts, and families gather together to enjoy each other’s company. 

How To Teach Kids About Christmas

Participate In A Giving Tree

Giving trees are an excellent way to teach kids the importance of helping others and the joy of giving and not only receiving. You can find giving tree versions in many places, including churches, large retail stores, and malls. Kids can pick a name off the tree and purchase a gift for them. Although they never get to meet the person whose name they choose, learning to help less fortunate strangers teaches kids that Christmas is a time for kindness and love. 

Read Christmas Books

Reading is an excellent way for kids to learn, so having them read age-appropriate books about Christmas is the perfect way to teach them. You can go to your local library, where many options are available that are religious and non-religious. Even if your family isn’t religious, it’s good for kids to know why people choose to celebrate the birth of Jesus and how it affects their views on Christmas. Having a deeper understanding of the holiday will foster a deeper appreciation for its meaning.

Printable Worksheets

Worksheets are always a fun way to teach kids about any subject, and Christmas is no exception. Many printables are available for free online like these that offer education while kids enjoy themselves and use their creativity. When kids enjoy themselves, they learn better, so using exciting activities helps them retain the information easier while having a fun time. 

Light Advent Candles

Lighting Advent candles gives kids time to reflect and appreciate what they are thankful for. If you are religious, you can quote a verse of the Bible, but if you’re not, you can have your kids state something they are grateful for in their lives. Advent is a time of quiet reflection, which we can all benefit from, especially during this hectic time of year! 

Teaching kids about Christmas doesn’t have to be complicated. Whether or not your family is religious, kids will benefit from understanding the holiday and why we celebrate it. Participate in a giving tree, read Christmas books, use printable worksheets, or light an Advent candle. You’ll love the time you spend with your children, and they’ll love learning more about their favorite holiday!