Fun Winter Activities For Families

Family in outdoor rink

Winter is a wonderful season full of snow and crisp, cold weather that families can enjoy together. Whether the days are full of sunshine and blue skies or there is a snow day in, there are fun activities your family can do together that will pass the time and create memories that will last a lifetime. If you live in a cold climate, there are many fun snow-centered activities, and for those in warmer climates, there are outdoor activities you can do that take advantage of cooler days. So, if you’re looking for fun winter activities you and your family can do together, just keep reading! 

Ice Skating

Ice skating is a classic wintertime activity that families have enjoyed together for generations. Grabbing your skates and going to the local frozen lake is an exciting way to spend the day. If you live in an area with no outdoor ice skating rinks, you can choose an indoor one, which will still offer the same exhilaration as its outdoor counterpart. Ice skating is the perfect family activity that pairs exercise and fun together, all while leading to memories that your family will treasure. It’s ok if you aren’t good at it; in fact, some of the best times come from learning how to balance on the ice. Make a day out of it and pack a lunch for this great winter activity. 


Sledding is another activity that families have looked forward to for hundreds of years. You don’t have to have a fancy sled to enjoy this pastime; all you need is a flat object you can sit on, and then the fun begins! Depending on your kid’s age, the hill’s height can be anywhere from a slight incline to a daring sloped adventure. My family had a blast racing to see who could reach the bottom first or who could make the most spins before the hill ran out. Plastic sleds are relatively inexpensive at most large retail stores, but you can be creative and make a game out of who could come up with the most imaginative sled. Your kids can choose anything from the top of a trashcan to a flattened cardboard box. It doesn’t matter what the sled looks like; they’ll remember what a fantastic time they had with your family together. 


On cold, dreWhye time with a family bakeoff. You can ba on cold, dreary dayske cookies or a cake; it’s not about what you make but about doing together as a family. Kids love working in the kitchen, making this fun activity ideal for bringing out their creativity and imagination. They can see who can make the silliest cookie shapes or do a blind taste test and have everyone vote on the winner. Memories are made in the kitchen, and there’s a reason it turns into the gathering place of most family get-togethers. Your family will love the time they spend baking and the delicious treats they have to show for it. 

Movie Marathon

A movie marathon is a great way to spend your time together on days where you have to stay inside. Let everyone pick their favorite movie and pop a bag of popcorn for the family to share. After each movie, you can spend time talking about what your fayour favorite partsu thought was going towouldhe end. There’s nothing better than getting into comfortable pajamas and cuddling on the couch under a blanket. Movie Marathons are sure to become a family favorite in no time! 

Go On A Winter Hike

Being in nature is always a favorite activity for families to do together. Winter hikes are so fun because the scenery looks different when there are fewer leaves on the tree, and if there is snow on the ground, the air is quiet and still. See how many animal tracks you can find or go on a nature scavenger hunt. A winter hike is a healthy and fun activity for the whole family to do together. 

Wintertime doesn’t have to mean spending time indoors, bored; there are fun winter activities you can do with your family that everyone will enjoy. For example, why not try ice skating, sledding, baking together, a movie marathon, or go on a winter hike. The memories you create will become a cherished part of your family’s story.