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    Is Coffee Good For Toddler To Drink?


    Coffee is one of the most universal drinks. Only in Spain, 22 million people consume it. And for a long time, coffee has been labeled for negative health effects, many of which are not properly investigated. Today, positive effects on health are recognized. But, also for children?

    Children can also have coffee. In fact, it is recommended to treat a number of conditions.

    Daily coffee consumption reduces the frequency of asthma, type 2 diabetes, gallbladder stones, and cardiovascular diseases among many others.

    In addition, recently, there is more and more talk about the protective effect of coffee on liver diseases. Specifically, drinking coffee regularly accelerates recovery from hepatitis, fatty liver, cirrhosis, and liver cancer.

    However, all these data must be interpreted with caution,

    since it has not been established which is the healthiest coffee: the espresso, the filter brew, the no-filter brew, etc. Nor has it been determined what is the ideal amount of coffee to drink per day, or the size of the coffee cups.

    Can the children have coffee? 

    Children, innately, have a craving for the sweet taste, and rejection for the bitter taste. One ‘has to get used to that flavor, by periodically exposing oneself to it. In countries like Spain, they don’t, essentially for cultural and customary reasons. But in many places in Latin America, coffee consumption begins at a very young age.

    It is true that its tachycardia effect can make them more nervous than usual in them, and end up ‘making parents desperate’. But it all depends on ‘how strong you prepare’. If you drink a light coffee, in the style of countries like Colombia, there would be no problem in taking it in a controlled way. Coffee favors attention.

    Does coffee create addiction? 

    There are some studies that say that coffee creates some dependency, but this fact is not firmly established. If it causes dependence, it will be bearable, and it will not be like dependence on other substances.

     Is it true that coffee calms migraines? 

    The analgesic effect of some medications, such as acetylsalicylic acid, is enhanced by caffeine. In Mexico, for example, there are street stalls where the mixture is dispensed, in ‘cafiaspirin’ format.

    Does caffeine improve children’s attention? 

    The fact, that coffee improves concentration, has long been used by students.

    Does caffeine increase the heart rate? 

    Yes. Therefore, it is recommended to avoid it in people who suffer from some heart rhythm disturbances. The truth is that coffee raises the heart rate for a few minutes; that is: its effect is reversible.

    Is coffee bad for the stomach?

    It depends. It is true that it provides some acidity. If it is consumed in isolation, and in relation to its consumption we feel bad, it is best to stop taking it like that, and accompany it with other foods.

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