Stylish Ways to Upgrade Teen Room without Breaking the Bank

Wall made of plasterboard for a wardrobe in a house.
Wall made of plasterboard for a wardrobe in a house.

Upgrading the rooms of kids is what all teens want because it makes their rooms look nice and trendy. Not only that, but this can also positively affect the kids’ psychology, making them feel loved and relaxed.

So here are some ideas to transform a child’s room into a trendy and stylish one without breaking the bank.

  1. Transform the bed into a relaxation area

The bed is an essential piece of furniture in any room. So it has to be comfortable so that your teenager has restful nights, but it is also the place where he can spend a lot of time during the day; to read and play. And also to connect on social networks, watch YouTube videos, or even chat or have fun with friends.

Stick it against a wall to make it a bench during the day.

Add cushions along the wall to give a bench seat effect.

Change the duvet covers that are too childish for covers in solid colors that will also set the tone of the bedroom.

If you have the budget and the room is large enough, change his single bed to a double.

This investment can be diverted: the opportunity to change your aging bed and give it yours (he will be happy no matter what, and sleeping there alone, the bed will undergo less weight)!

  1. Change the lights

Say goodbye to the goofy ceiling lamp and the desk lamp. The choice of lighting is very important in a room where you sleep and where you also work. For example, choosing a trendy and designer floor lamp will properly illuminate the bedroom and modernize it in the blink of an eye.

Also, play on the secondary lighting, which brings warmth to the room, such as light garlands or luminous decorative objects. Finally, do not neglect the desk lamp, which should properly illuminate the work area.

3- Play with color or contrast

The second easy trick to modernizing your teenager’s room is to paint the walls more “adult” and modern color. It can be just a section of the wall if you don’t want to spend too much time there!

It’s up to your teenager to choose the color; it’s his room, and if he wants a black wall (he’s in rebel mode) or a wall where he can write whatever he wants on it, comply. The goal is for them to feel good in their own room, not to transform it into a teenage bedroom decorated as they wish.

You can also repaint his children’s furniture to give them new life. Thus, a pink dresser repainted in petrol blue or pearl gray will completely change the style of the room. You can use spray paint that applies directly to the furniture, even if it is melamine (an example is the MTN 94 spray from Montana Color).

  1. Let your teenager express himself

His room is his universe! And he will only feel really good there if he can express himself there! So, if he wants to stick photos, posters, souvenirs or stuff that inspires him, let him do it! And if you’re worried about the walls, install a large corkboard or a large OSB board where he can glue and secure whatever he wants.

In the same way, do not touch its decoration and especially do not throw anything without asking him about it (well, obviously, I am not talking about the ageless packets of cakes and empty bonbec bags under the bed), because an old gift wrapping, for you, it is to be put in the trash, but for your teenager, it is the gift wrap offered by his lover, and on it, there is a little note that we have not even seen ( yes, it’s real-life!)… Not to mention his future collection of beer bottles (to wonder where he finds them…), his skateboard, or his memories of the last vacations so great with his friends!

And conversely, if he does not want to reveal anything of his universe on the walls of his room, do not impose posters on him under the pretext that they are “decorative”.

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