The Best Christmas Movies for Kids

Mother and child are enjoying watching movies on tablet, African people
Mother and child are enjoying watching movies on tablet, African people

Watching quality movies is important for children during the Christmas period. Putting aside the fact that excessive watching of the film is not suitable for kids, but Christmas movies are essential for kids because it a necessary source of;

Transmission of values.

Psychologists declare that films are a source of transmission of cultural, social, educational, and emotional values. However, we, the parents, should ensure that the values that certain films transmit are in line with ours and the current time.

Development booster.

Cinema allows children to develop their empathy and critical spirit, thanks to their identification with the characters. In this way, they become familiar with strategies to solve conflicts when facing situations that, although fictitious, have a reference in the real world. 

It helps to control emotions.

 This is one of the most valuable benefits of watching movies for children. Through identification, they can understand emotions, which in the long run will give them more control over them. 

 Sensitivity sharpener

Due to its visual and sound nature, films provide elements that stimulate sensitivity. Movies are the basis of emotional education, and movies allow children to begin to appreciate situations to which they were previously indifferent. 

Encourage critical thinking

 Enjoying the story and its plot and observing and understanding different forms of audiovisual communication increases perceptual skills. This leads to developing other skills such as codification, assimilation, or knowledge recovery, thus feeding critical thinking. 

Creativity stimulation.

Cinema is an inexhaustible source of stimulus for a child, as it makes them associate ideas almost immediately and encourages imagination and artistic expression. 


Films present themes, situations, arguments, ideas, data, names, costumes, places, landscapes, music, etc., which stimulate cognitive capacity and provide global knowledge for kids.

Seven excellent Christmas movies for kids

The Christmas season comes every year to remember how wonderful it is to share and have fun as a family. One of the best activities you can do to ensure fun is to sit down and watch Christmas movies for kids with your kids for an entire afternoon. Discover the best film productions for Christmas, most viewed around the world.

Here are some best movies you can enjoy with your kids this Christmas

1.  Alone at home or My poor little angel

This film is a 1990 film starring Macaulay Culkin. It tells the story of a boy who is forgotten by his family when he celebrates Christmas in Paris.

Left alone at home, thieves besiege him to break into the house. These criminals do not count the numerous traps set by Kevin McCallister, the protagonist. Without a doubt, it is a movie to laugh at until you have no more strength in you and enjoy on a Christmas afternoon.

2. The polar express

This fantastic Christmas movie for children is an animated production based on the children’s book written by Chris Van Allsburg. It tells the adventure of an 8-year-old boy who loses hope for Christmas one Christmas Eve.

As he prepares for sleep, he is picked up by a train to take him to the North Pole to meet Santa Claus and his worker elves. A series of adventures revolve around this boy and his friends, who put an end to their doubts about Christmas. A film is full of emotion, realism, and music, ideal to see this Christmas time.

3. Arthur Christmas

An exciting film produced by Sony Pictures that activates the spirit of Christmas in every child who sees it.

It is a story starring Arthur Christmas, the youngest son of Santa Claus, who has to avoid a disaster with gifts with his grandfather’s holidays. An adventure full of laughter and lots of fun, ideal to see as a family.

4. The Grinch

Grinch is also a hilarious film starring Jim Carrey, who amuses children with his gestures and performances. It tells the story of a Grinch who hates Christmas and tries to make all the inhabitants of Villaquién do the same. Realizing that Christmas is more than just gifts and a time to share, he decides to change his mind.

This is, without a doubt, a hilarious Christmas movie for children. Be sure to see her again this Christmas. A nominated and multi-award-winning Hollywood classic.

5. The Santa Clause

It is another of the Christmas movies for children produced by Disney in 1994. A classic tells the story of a boy who lives with his mother and current husband, who tells him that Santa Claus does not exist.

Spending Christmas with their biological father, they face the death of Santa and must take his place. The adventures that take place will cause a lot of laughs in the whole family.

6. Merry Madagascar

Another genuinely fantastic story is where Alex, Marty, Melman, and Gloria seek to escape from Madagascar to return to their place of origin, New York. To do this, they use a hot air balloon that they build, but a lemur thwarts their plans.

A series of adventures take place during this Christmas, which leads them to abandon their wishes to save tradition.

7. A Christmas Carol

Another excellent Christmas movie for children based on the classic tale by Charles Dickens. It tells the story of a bitter moneylender, haunted by ghosts that show him his future life if he does not change his attitude. 

In conclusion, we have a long list of options available to spend these dates together and as a family. Taking advantage of every moment to share is quality time that will benefit your children. Don’t forget, set aside an afternoon and be sure to enjoy Christmas movies for children.  Without a doubt, they will thank and appreciate you for this.

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