How To Stay Connected To Your Spouse During The Holidays

christmas couple

The holidays season is always chaotic and pulls your attention in a hundred different directions at once. Between buying presents, planning family dinners, traveling, and everything else the season entails, you can quickly find yourself disconnected from the person you cherish most. Understandably, couples find themselves less connected than usual during the holidays, but it doesn’t have to be that way. There are easy ways to prioritize your spouse to keep you close no matter how crazy the season gets. If you’re looking for ways to stay connected to your spouse during the holidays, try these tips. Remember, the holiday season only lasts a short time, don’t let it take away from your marriage and the bond you share with your spouse. 

Don’t Overschedule

One of the easiest ways to find yourself disconnected from your spouse is overscheduling. There are so many extra activities that happen during the holidays; your calendar can quickly fill up and leave no time for your marriage. It’s ok to say no to some of the invites; you don’t have to go to that tenth Christmas party. Instead, clear up some time for you to spend together, even if it’s just ordering takeout and relaxing on the couch. Your marriage will benefit, and so will your sanity! 

Make New Traditions

Traditions are an excellent way to keep memories alive, so decide on a new tradition that is special between you and your spouse. It doesn’t have to be fancy or complicated; it can be as simple as watching your favorite movie or establishing a Holiday game night. Making a tradition you can celebrate every year is a beautiful way to connect and build your relationship.

Don’t Forget The Small Things

Liz Higgins made the famous quote, “marriage is not a big thing; it’s a million little things.” Take a moment and tell your spouse how much they mean to you or compliment something they’ve put a lot of effort into. Paying attention to the small things shows them they matter to you and makes them feel loved. Making a big gesture is fun, but it’s the little ones that usually have the most impact. A few suggestions could be:

  • Leave them a love note
  • Surprise them with a hot, relaxing bath (and maybe join in)
  • Dance to Holiday music together
  • Cook dinner for them

Voice Your Appreciation

Appreciation is a powerful way to build your spouse’s self-esteem and give them the motivation they need to keep working hard for you and your family.  We often take for granted the things our spouse does for us and forget how thoughtful a simple “thank you for all you do for our family” truly is. Let them know you see their hard work, whether it’s at their job, around the house, with your kids, or in any other area. You’ll see a bounce come back to their step after you let them know how much you appreciate them.

Take Time Out

Adults need time outs too, so why not take one with your spouse in a fun and relaxing way. You can do something big like taking a weekend trip together, but it doesn’t have to be costly or time-consuming to have a positive effect. You can even schedule your time out on your calendar if you struggle to find extra downtime. It would be a fantastic tool to implement into your relationship year-round. When one of you feels the disconnect begin, you can call it a “time out,” and you both have to prioritize a time for the two of you to reconnect. A few fun suggestions could be:

  • Watch a movie
  • Go for a walk
  • Drink hot cocoa by the fire
  • Take a weekend trip together

Your marriage is a vital priority, so don’t let it fall to the side during the hustle and bustle of the holidays. Take time to connect with your spouse by not overscheduling your calendar, making new traditions, not forgetting the small things, voicing your appreciation, and taking a time out. You can emerge from the holiday season feeling refreshed and closer than ever to your spouse. So why not give it a try?