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    5 Tips to Stay Safe and Have a Blast This Halloween


    Halloween is a magical time of year. Kids love getting dressed up and letting their imaginations run wild. It’s the one time of year they can be whoever they want without worrying what anyone will say. Trick-or-treating is a tradition that has captivated young minds for decades. Strangers giving you free candy is taboo any other time, but it’s socially acceptable on Halloween. How can we ensure our kids stay safe without limiting their fun? If you were looking for tips on how to keep your kids happy and protected this Halloween, just keep reading!

    Only Visit Houses With the Porch Light On

    An unspoken rule, created somewhere down the line where houses handing out candy would turn their porch lights on, has been used for years by kids seeking a sugar high. Its practicality is evident, and those not wanting to partake can simply keep their light off. An easy way to help maintain your child’s safety is to establish a rule that they never ring the bell on the house with the lights off. Apart from annoying the person living there, it helps ensure they don’t put themselves in a dangerous situation. A kid hidden by a dark entryway can quickly be snatched and pulled into a locked home. 

    Stay With a Group

    It’s true what they say; there is safety in numbers. Not only is it more fun to go trick-or-treating with a group, but it gives kids an added measure of security. Prowlers can easily pick up a lone child but are much more hesitant to approach a group of kids. Having an adult present with the group, even if they are trailing behind a little, is even better!

    Bring a Flashlight/ Wear Light Up Accessories

    Older children often like to go out after the sun has gone down. Trick-or-treating in the dark is exciting and a lot scarier than when it’s light outside. With the darkness, however, comes an added measure of danger. Many costumes are black or dark-colored, making it incredibly hard for cars to see kids wandering around in or near the street. Having a flashlight can help alert traffic to a kid’s presence and avoid a possible accident. It can also help light their way and prevent falls. Having light-up accessories like bracelets and necklaces can make them even more visible. If your kids give you a hard time wearing light-up gear, try incorporating it into their costumes. They can look cool and stay safe at the same time! 

    Only Eat Candy After Checking It

    We’ve all heard the old wives’ tales about razor blades in the apples or poison shot into the candy. While most kids dismiss them as scare tactics, there is a level of wisdom involved. Even though we accept being handed candy as normal on Halloween, the truth is, we are still taking candy from strangers. While to most hurting kids doesn’t make sense, some evil people will try to hurt them just for the fun of it. Taking a few minutes to inspect all your kid’s candy is an easy way to avoid having them eat something they shouldn’t. As a general rule, throw out anything open or sketchy looking, and stick to sealed candy that shows no signs of being tampered with. 

    Make Sure Costumes Fit Appropriately

    Ill-fitting costumes can pose a safety hazard as kids are running around. Costumes that are too long can get tangled in their feet and cause them to trip and fall; if they’re too baggy, they can get caught on trees or bushes and tear. If their clothing is too tight, it can restrict movement and cause them to be uncomfortable, taking away from the night’s fun. Ensure your child’s safety and comfort by making sure their costumes fit perfectly. 

    Halloween is so much fun, and kids love going out with their friends and getting tons of candy. Keep your kids safe this year by only visiting houses with the porch light on, staying with a group, bringing a flashlight or light-up accessories, eating their candy after they check it, and making sure their costumes fit correctly. Following these five simple tips can help make this Halloween their best one yet!


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